1. General Sales Agency of Aeroflot Russian Airlines since 1988
2. GSA for Asian Airlines since 1992
3. Working with Biman Bangladesh Airlines for the sector
4. Successfully operated 88 chartered flights by TU-15M aircraft of
5. 60 personnels are already working in our local office and
    in airports - Dhaka & Kualalampur
6. Successfully chartered B767-300 aircraft from Asiana airlines,
    Seoul, Korea
7. Successfully operated 7 flights between Dhaka and Seoul in 1994,
    8 chartered flights in 1995, 4 by Biman and 4 by Asiana airlines
8. Strong and sustainable relation with CAAB, Biman Bangladesh
    & other Govt. services.
9. We are well equipped and managed by competent, reliable and
    hard working professionals